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1      SCHOEMANPARK GHOLFKLUB : PLAASLIKE REëLS (click here to download)

Besoekers MOET affiliasiekaarte met betaling vir spel toon.  Op die telkaart moet hulle aandui dat hulle besoekers is deur hulle klub daarop aan te toon, en hulle moet bereid wees om bewys van hul voorgee te toon indien dit vereis word tydens die prysuitdeling, so nie sal hulle nie in aanmerking kan kom vir pryse nie.
    3.1    See point 1 in respect to visitors.
3.2    A player who is not a member of a golf club or does not yet have an official handicap MUST play off scratch.  The maximum handicap a player may play of in competitions is 24.
3.3    No Professional player (PRO) will be allowed to win any nearest to the pin, longest and straightest drive prizes.
3.4    LADIES (same rule as in 3.2 applies) tee off from Ladies tees and play to the ladies’ stroke ratings AND their scorecards must be marked with an F next to their names to facilitate the checking of scores.
3.5    A player who does not pitch up for a game and did not cancel the golf appointment in time, will be automatically suspended from play for 30 days.
3.6    Prizes and vouchers are kept only as a special concession for persons with valid reasons not being able to attend the prize giving.  Arrangements must be made with a committee member. Beforehand, who can give permission for someone else to claim this prize.  No committee member will be held responsible for lost prizes or vouchers.
3.7    Competition round – On a competition day a player may play in the morning and afternoon, BUT only the FIRST round scores will count for prizes in the competition.
3.8    SCORECARDS ;  Cards must be handed in DIRECTLY after play – NO cards may be completed in the Clubhouse, Bar, Dressing rooms, etc. Cards not returned on time will not be taken into account for competition prizes.  After a card has been returned, it will not be given back for correction – no reasons are acceptable.
Cards MUST be filled in completely in LEGIBLE print – name, computer number (visitors must please supply the name of their club),


handicap, date, type of competition and full signatures (not initials) – failure to do so will lead to disqualification form the competition.
In a better ball or team competition a score card must be kept for each pair or team in the competition, duly signed by the marker.
In an individual competition each player must submit a scorecard with his/her score and the marker’s details and signature.
    Your are allowed 2 hours 15 minutes for 9 holes – that includes the halfway break.  You have approximately 14 minutes to complete each hole.  If your 4 ball takes 15 minutes or longer per hole you will start losing ground.  The rule is that if you are one hole behind you receive your first warning from the player behind you or from an official.  If your 4 ball does not speed up play your 4 ball will be penalized according to rule 6-7.
Penalties as follows : 1st warning = 1 stroke, 2nd warning = 2 strokes – thereafter disqualification.
In match play slow play is penalized by loss of hole.  The players must decide who the guilty person or persons is/are.
PLEASE co-operate because slow play frustrates many players and persons teeing of at late times may not be able to finish their round.  It also delays prize giving.
    Sandbags are compulsory and must be filled with sand at all time during play AND must be used to repair divot marks.  Sandbags may not be shared – this also applies to Social play PLEASE also repair all pitch marks on the greens.  PLEASE report offenders to the committee.  KEEP OUR COURSE IN A GOOD CONDITION – WITHOUT YOUR CO-OPERATION IT WOULD BE FRUITLESS.
    Where barbed wire is attached to boundary fences, it will be deemed as part of the fence AND out of bounds.